Sige Sige Sayaw by Pop Girls

Throwback muna tayo!

Pop Girls is a teen girl band created by Viva featuring Shy Carlos and our very own Nadine Lustre! It is a fun, bubblegum pop song! Listen and dance to the beat! Sige sige, sayaw! Music video of Sige Sige Sayaw by Pop Girls!

Nadine Lustre leads Creamsilk’s Modern Filipina Campaign

On International Women’s Day, Cream Silk pays tribute to these Modern Filipinas who have experienced own #CreamSilkTransformations. We are excited to share with you a commemorative music video in collaboration with OPM Icon Rico Blanco, a tribute to laud every Modern Filipina who has the beauty that inspires, creates, and makes a mark in the world.

Leading the way in inspiring women are Nadine Lustre, transformed to light up more screens; Coleen Garcia, transformed to conquer new heights; Julie Anne San Jose, transformed to own the spotlight; Yassi Pressman, transformed to take the lead; and Rachelle Ann Go, transformed to take on the world stage.

The music video was made to remind women of the true power of transformation, as embodied by the new Cream Silk ambassadors. In the video, each of these women relived their own incredibly inspiring transformation journeys. Their dedication, hard work, and success are proof that there no limits to what a Modern Filipina can achieve, once she has transformed to go beyond beautiful.

HUSH by Yassi Pressman ft. Nadine Lustre


VIVA Artist Agency’s prime young talents Yassi Pressman and Nadine Lustre collaborates in this fast paced OPM song “Hush“! Best friends Yassi and Nadine will make you ‘hush’ with their awesome talent! Go girls!