Why 2018 was a Productive Year for Nadine Lustre

Nadine Lustre remains on fire as 2018 closes! This past year, Nadine continues to show that she’s not just a pretty face but also a person filled with passion and talent. Her achievements prove that 2018 is her year.

Nadine Lustre for Lustrous (BYX x Nadine collaboration)

Lustrous Make-Up by Nadine. Launched last July at the BYS Beauty Convention, Nadine levelled up her renowned fashionista status by launching her very own makeup line. She’s not just taking an existing line and branding it with her name, though — she partnered with the Australian brand BYS and took the post of Chief Creative Director.

LUSTER by Nadine Lustre

Luster Perfume. When you’re the “It” girl of the showbiz industry, you don’t just have to look good, you also need to smell good. Hence Luster, independently conceptualized and produced by Nadine herself. Proving herself the versatile creative, Nadine single-handedly thought of the perfume’s theme and its sweet-yet-floral scent. She even designed the bottle!

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