Top 10 Most Approved Kilig Clark-Leah Moments in OTWOL!

Can’t get enough of Cleah? Now that our most loved romantic comedy teleserye is on its last week, let’s take a few minutes and reminisce Leah and Clark’s rollercoaster journey.  Warning! You might have a taste of Kilig overdose! 😀

  1. Getting Real- It’s Clark and Leah’s first real date! Catch Leah day dreaming about having kids.

  1. Leah Gets Jealous- Ooooh, someone’s jealous! Watch how Clark deals with Leah’s jealousy!

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Top 10 Heartbreaking Clark-Leah scenes in On The Wings of Love

CLARK AND LEAH‘s love story is not a leisurely walk in the park. They do have their not-so-good and oh-so-painful moments. Relive the heartbreaking Clark-Leah scenes for us to appreciate the finale!

  1. The Break Up: It happened to Jiggs, now it’s happening to Clark! Once again, Leah chooses career over love. It’s obvious jealousy and insecurity is crippling our poor Clark :’C.


  1. Leave Me Now: “Sabi mo mahal mo ko, tapos nung minahal na kita bigla ka nalang bibitaw!” OMG, this scene is so convincing it made hundreds of women cry. Bigyan ng award! Leah, fyi, that is still Clark’s apartment. LOL.

  1. I Can’t Leave You, Leah: How can you leave this guy? Seriously, Leah? Look at him. You don’t need words to know how this guy’s feeling eh. Those eyes are piercing through the heart!

  1. Don’t Leave Me: Clark pleads to Leah, uuwi na sya ng Pinas. Don’t you think it’s unfair to Clark? Ilang beses mo man to panuorin iiyak at iiyak ka uli.

  1. Clark Cries: Pride, necessity and family, these are Leah’s issues. Sabagay 20M ba naman yun at para din sa family nya. Blood is thicker than water, ika nga!

  1. Separation: It’s Clark’s turn now, Leah! Wagas ang pinaghuhugutan ni Clark, sapul na sapul.

  1. Mother’s Plea: Rona explains to Leah why she left them, and asks for an apology. You’ll feel Leah’s anger towards her mom. Rona felt guilty for turning her back from them. Ouch.

  1. Apologize: Clark apologizes to Lola Pachang, reminisces his childhood with her. Wala ka naming kasalanan Clark, please don’t blame yourself!

  1. Heart of an OFW: Balik tayo sa simula. Leah shows her eagerness to earn money just to help her family. OFWs, breadwinners and all hardworking pinoys can relate to this!

  1. Misinterpretation: Clark gets angry because Leah and Simon are together. And Simon brought Leah to bed! Sinong di magwawala? Sayang naman yung phone ni Clark. x_x

What are your most heartbreaking Clark-Leah moments? We know that watching these videos is painful, but the fact that OTWOL is ending makes us cry the most huhu Feel free to share your comments below!


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Top 10 Leah-Simon (LeMon) OTWOL Moments (with bonus videos!)

You must admit, the chemistry between Nadine Lustre and Paulo Avelino is undeniable! I am so digging Simon’s masungit, tahimik, seryoso character who later inadvertently falls for the sweet and cheerful Leah. A Hitler love story! Let’s go back to how it all started ☺

1.)  The New Boss

They may have started on the wrong foot with the coffee incident, but hey, isn’t this the perfect cliché? A (happy) incident that starts every unpredictable love story? Gosh, just look at how adorably presko Simon is! This is a hilarious first meeting! At least Leah admits Simon is freaking gwapo and everyone in the office agrees.

2.)  The Awkward Meeting

Simon: “I was gonna say you were the first person who made an impression on me.”
Leah: “Ay, good or bad Sir?”

This convo between Simon and Leah actually reminded me of Sarah Geronimo’s line “Sir, gaano ka-close?” in one of the scenes in the movie ‘A Very Special Love’ with John Lloyd Cruz. Anyway! Dear Simon, I wish to make an impression to you too if we ever meet. *swoons*

3.)  Thoughtful Boss

Whether it is your swoon-worthy boss or not, it would still feel good to know you have someone at work that truly believes in you and still encourages you to bounce back after a setback. In this episode of OTWOL, Simon tells Leah: “Sumusuko kana? (…) At work, in real life, in the end, there’s no one else you can depend on but yourself. Tandaan mo yan.” Oh Simon. *sighs* So mature mag-isip!

4)  Something Sexy


This scene is hilarious and very stimulating! Hahaha! Imagine giving your boss the wrong Christmas present! A very worried Leah is all of us, but if it were me, I probably wouldn’t shy away from laughing my heart out from the moment Simon picked up that camouflage underwear. Oh how Simon manage to tickle our imaginations.

5) Bright Idea

Simon is brilliant. He is very reasonable; he gives you opportunity to grow. Juicecolored! I considered this one of the best kilig moments of Team LeMon because it’s as if they were the only people in the room. Nakaka-tense si Simon! Just watch at how he stares at Leah, intense!
6) Fiance meets rival


Pigil kilig si Simon at 1:45! Simon to Leah: “You gave me something to think about…” and it’s YOU! Charot! For the ultimate kilig to the bones part, turn to 3:15!! CUTE

7)  Grateful

Time to give the love back Leah! At 1:46, Leah thanks Simon saying, “…and most importantly po, para po ito sa taong nagbago ng buhay ko, Mr. Simon Evangelista. My boss, my mentor, my idol.. utang ko sayo itong award na ito.” Aminin, bagay sila!

8. )  Drunk

Pros: Leah finally says ‘I love you’ to Simon at 1:11
Cons: She’s drunk af

9.)  Promotion in Dubai

Simon is being so obvious already with his feelings for you Leah! Learn to read between the lines, girl! ‘Stay with me partner’ = *I can’t imagine spending my days without you.*

10.)  Leah & Simon’s Dinner Date

“Siguro hindi ka pa ready, and probably ako rin.. but for you IT’S WORTH TRYING. I’ve never felt this way in a long time Leah. (…) I’m not asking you to love me, pero sana hayaan mo akong mahalin kita.” Have you ever had someone like Simon who’s willing to wait for you and love you still, after all???? He’s a keeper! Kilig!

Bonus Video: Get double kilig with this scene from ‘Auction for a cause’ episode.

I hear ovaries exploding!