Top 10 Reasons why 2016 is Nadine Lustre’s Year

2016 has been a very fruitful year for many Filipino actresses, most especially Nadine Lustre. She fell in a wonderful relationship with co-star James Reid, got recognition for her singing and acting talents, and many more awards. She inspired us women to be fierce, competitive, and successful as much a woman can be. Here are ten main reasons why 2016 is Nadine’s Year.


1. From REEL to REAL: The best achievement is when it’s through the heart. JaDine has been officially in love since February 11, 2016.

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Top 10 Most Kilig-Worthy Basti-Iris Scenes in Till I Met You (so far!)

You loved them in OTWOL. Now you’ve got them in Till I Met You. Nadine Lustre and James Reid reprise their love team for the role of lovers Iris and Sebastian “Basti”. Let’s take a few minutes to reminisce Iris and Basti’s roller coaster romance. Be warned of kilig overdose!

1. Cliff Diving: Basti tells Iris to let go of her fear of falling because he will never let her go.

2. Rooftop Kiss: Basti and Iris confess their love and kiss for the first time!

3. Another Chance: There’s always room for second chances.

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James Reid and Nadine Lustre Interview Each Other For The First Time | Metro Magazine

Watch the full one-on-one kilig interview of James and Nadine for their #MetroXJadine cover story! Learn more about Team Real as they get really real.

As seen on the pages of Metro Magazine’s October 2016 Hot List issue.

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James Reid and Nadine Lustre graces the covers of Metro Magazine October 2016 issue




Power couple graces the October 2016 issue of Metro Magazine with not just one but three versions! Pick your favorite cover or better yet take them all! Now available in news stands and bookstores nationwide!

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Top 10 Beauty Secrets of Nadine Lustre!

Nadine Lustre is the epitome of our beauty goals. She always looks so flawless, natural, and fresh. She perfectly possesses the Filipina beauty. According to the stylist of Nadine, the direction of her style is always chic, subtly sexy, and still edgy. Let’s take on some of the beauty secrets of Nadine.

1. Natural Beauty



Nadine’s signature look: no makeup, makeup look. Sometimes, you really can’t tell if she’s wearing little make up or none. At all times, she is fresh and glowing. If you stalk her in her Instagram account, you will see that she often does this. She mastered the classic look.


2. Brows on Fleek

There’s no denying that Nadine’s eyebrows are always natural looking and on fleek. Her secret, she uses K-Palette eyebrow pen, a Japanese beauty favorite. If you desire for a long lasting makeup, this is your bet! She describes it to be really good.Nadine-Lustre-Brows

On the other hand, Nadine’s go-to makeup artist, Jelly Eugenio, says one of his key tools is Deep brown eyeliner. To get more realistic brows, he drew very light strokes of eyeliner. The technique is to use it light-handedly to avoid caricature-like brows.


3. Luscious Lips


The kissable lips of Nadine are just what all the girls aspire to have. Inside her makeup kit is a MAC Lipstick in Twig. For the longest time, she has been using this, and it has become her favorite lipstick. You may check out and order Mac Lip Care – 0.1 Oz Satin Lipstick – Twig now!

4. The Cheeky Cheeks


Sophie Paris Magic Pink Lip and Cheek Tint is her pick for cute and lovely cheeks.

It is a blush on that she has been using for a long time around too. According to her, it is really good and a lot of make-up artists use it also.


5. Picture-perfect photos


Sometimes, a phone’s auto flash isn’t good enough. Nadine keeps GOGO Goodies Flash inside her bag so she can be taking good quality photos. Our photogenic idol is just always ready to take the best selfies. She describes this as something small but terrible.


6. Gorgeous Hair

It is not a surprise that she is an endorser of a famous shampoo. Nadine has been in a hair beauty commercial, specifically a Creamsilk. She usually puts her majestic hair down, long, and bouncy.

To achieve this, simply keep your hair as healthy as possible, avoiding harmful habits that can damage your hair. We can see her often with shiny, smooth, and flourishing hair.



7. Flawless Skin

One product she endorses on television is FlawlesslyU. Obviously, she became the face of this product because of her flawless, healthy skin.

Also, Nadine once shared her skin care routine saying “All the time, every month, body scrub and lotion palagi, that’s it.” This just means that it is not impossible for any aspiring girls to attain splendid skin like hers. It’s not too hard to simply take good care of your skin after all.

8. Sweet Fragrant Scent

Beauty comes in fragrance too. Katy Perry Killer Queen Eau de Parfum Spray for Women, 3.4 Ounce has the scent that Nadine likes. As much as possible, she tries to save it from emptying.


9. Keeping it Simple


Less is more when it comes to Nadine. She perfectly explains what “simplicity is beauty” really is about. You’ll seldom see her having overdone makeup.


10. Being Fit and Healthy

In one episode of KrisTv, Nadine shows her skill in boxing. Since she is hyperactive, this became her sport. This improves your footwork and coordination. Up to one thousand calories can be burned in a one hour workout, depending on the intensity. According to research, people who box regularly are more careful and more able to get rid of stress and tension.

When it comes to diet, Nadine admits in an interview, “No, I can’t diet,”

She says she can’t stick to a “strict diet” because she “just loves food.”

To maintain her figure, she works out. “I do boxing. I work out. But I can’t like not eat rice or anything, yung bawal salty foods, and all. I can’t.”


Now you know some of the beauty secrets of the gorgeous Nadine! Us fans can easily get to somewhat have Nadine-like aesthetics. After all, it is not so impossible, though we thought it was, to accomplish her kind of beauty.

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‘Till I Met You Teaser Trailer featuring James Reid and Nadine Lustre (JADINE)

Real and reel couple James Reid and Nadine Lustre are set to do a big comeback on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida with ‘Till I Met You this coming September! Here’s the teaser trailer…. with a twist!

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