Nadine Lustre’s 21st Birthday

Birthday celebrator and Viva Princess, Nadine Lustre had a blast celebrating her 21st birthday at the Glass Garden last October 31, 2014. With a Halloween themed party, everyone came prepared and had fun especially her love team, James Reid who was dressed as Edward Scissor Hands. Watch and listen to what her friends had to say and get to know what James Reid’s special gift was for the lovely lady Nadine Lustre.

The Talk Back and You’re Dead Experience

Take a glimpse of the of the uber kilig ‘Talk Back and You’re Dead’ premiere night in Trinoma!

Loyal fans of the movie can’t help but get kilig with the oozing chemistry of James and Nadine as a loveteam. Joseph Marco and Yassi Pressman looked really happy with the outcome of their project. Congrats TBYD team!