Top 10 Most Kilig-Worthy Basti-Iris Scenes in Till I Met You (so far!)

You loved them in OTWOL. Now you’ve got them in Till I Met You. Nadine Lustre and James Reid reprise their love team for the role of lovers Iris and Sebastian “Basti”. Let’s take a few minutes to reminisce Iris and Basti’s roller coaster romance. Be warned of kilig overdose!

1. Cliff Diving: Basti tells Iris to let go of her fear of falling because he will never let her go.

2. Rooftop Kiss: Basti and Iris confess their love and kiss for the first time!

3. Another Chance: There’s always room for second chances.

4. Together again: Basti and Iris make their relationship official!

5. Passionate Love: The scene is hotness overload.

6. Iris and Basti’s new house:
“Celebration para sa unang gabi sa bahay natin,” ~ Iris.

7. Basti & Iris imagine their future: Watch Basti and Iris imagine their happy future together.

8. Basti’s Proposal: It is more magical the second time around.

9. Iris & Basti’s wish: Trust in the one who you will be writing a love story with.

10. Basti & Iris’ second wedding: ‘Till death do us part.

While we know that there are more romantic scenes in ‘Till I Met You, these are the best for us! True love always prevails against all odds!

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