Top 10 Most Approved Kilig Clark-Leah Moments in OTWOL!

Can’t get enough of Cleah? Now that our most loved romantic comedy teleserye is on its last week, let’s take a few minutes and reminisce Leah and Clark’s rollercoaster journey.  Warning! You might have a taste of Kilig overdose! 😀

  1. Getting Real- It’s Clark and Leah’s first real date! Catch Leah day dreaming about having kids.

  1. Leah Gets Jealous- Ooooh, someone’s jealous! Watch how Clark deals with Leah’s jealousy!

  1. Napa Valley Scene –NAPA-kakilig when you visit a beautiful place with someone special.

  1. Approved Kiss – US citizenship, approved!

  1. Sweet Serenade – Who wouldn’t fall for a man who so sings well?

  1. I love you – Check your temperature before and after watching this!

  1. Sweetest Surprise – The man you should be with is the one who makes your dreams come true.

  1. Future Home- Clark and Leah, nagbahay-bahayan!

  1. The proposal – Every girl’s dream.

  1. Clark saves Leah – When you’re in love with your superman.

We know that there are more kilig-worthy scenes in OTWOL, but these are the most romantic scenes for us! True love for the win!

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